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Why do we love Mary Jane or Mary Jane style shoes so much?

Know the type of footwear that you fall in love with over time.

They are divine shoes. Its charm lies in the strap that fastens through the instep or some in the shape of a T. You may wonder why the name of Merceditas or Mary Jane? Everything has an explanation.

Mary Jane is one of the protagonists of the American comic "Buster Brown", famous at the beginning of the 20th century. In the comics, she and her friend Buster wear these types of shoes most of the time. In Spanish they are called Merceditas in honor of María de las Mercedes de Orleans, who was the queen consort of Spain for being the wife of King Alfonso XII. In South America, it would be like calling them Mafaldas or Susanitas. 

We adore this type of shoe for its charismatic strap, its sensible or minimal heel and for being very feminine ❤️

We have seen them forever in our childhood, as they are considered formal shoes for school. Over the years, they have become a timeless fashion classic for women of all ages.

In Reggine you will see many Mary Janes in a wide variety of colors and designs. We are happy with the reception they have had and we hope to continue matching their tastes.

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