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Botines Mujer

Impossible to resist Victorian ankle boots

Camel ankle boots are definitely a basic in any closet and you can always get the most original looks with them.

In winter when we don't think about flats, stylish ankle boots come to mind to combat those gray days of Lima and at the same time give that chic touch to our outfit.

We spent several months in search of a shoe model where history was present and it was England that took us to know, between books and stories, the Balmoral booty. It is a type of boot that Queen Victoria starred in in the 1840s for those long walks in the Balmoral castle located in Scotland. It is said that it was Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who first debuted them in society; he asked for a stylish boot that is in tune for gatherings indoors and outdoors. The design and finish were so charming that Queen Victoria herself requested that several pairs be made for her.

Victorian ankle boots, as they are known today, were characterized by having long laces or buttons on the side of the shoe that served as an adjustment to the foot. Some were made of leather and some were made of fabric like satin.

In our case, we decided to focus on buttons as an accessory, thus respecting the history of the shoe itself. The color had to be camel, as it is a color that lifts up any look and is incredibly versatile.

Botín Mujer

We have fallen in love with the result, a camel ankle boot that mixes two textures: leather and suede. In addition to that, we cannot fail to mention the buttons it wears as an accessory and the closure on the side for the necessary adjustment.

How to combine them? Too easy. They are the perfect complement to jeans, a white blouse and a leather jacket to give it that urban touch. You can also use them with flowery dresses.

Remember that regardless of trends that come and go, a pair of camel ankle boots will always occupy a privileged place in our closet.

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