My name is Regina Pamela, better known as Reggine. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am a marketer, shoemaker, lover of travel and walking through life in ballerinas.

The idea of ​​my shoes was born in the streets of Paris, that's why the brand bears my first name written in French, and because of the need to find comfortable ballerinas, with a nice design and a good finish that I could wear at a work meeting as in an outing with friends.

After finishing college, I decided to undertake that fleeting idea that continually came to my mind, and it was clear that the idea had to do with shoes.

I always liked ballet and the story of its slippers. Even though I'm not a dancer, I love the idea of ​​thinking that one can dance life in one's own style and I said to myself ... Let's get to work! and in 2013 I launched my own brand of ballerinas. During those years I traveled to many places that allowed me to know everything about materials and trends, and it was in Italy where I was able to confirm that I am on the right path.

I am grateful to life for being able to share with you a lot of inspiration, travel and above all more growth.

Reggine - History
Our Reggine are handcrafted, using the highest quality leather.
We work from classic and limited edition models, thus providing a one-of-a-kind product.
You will fall in love with them, it will be love at first sight!
Reggine is all that: a brand that makes you feel comfortable, feminine and stylish.
At Reggine, we want to highlight the product "Handmade in Peru" and we support female entrepreneurship.
We firmly believe that dreams can be achieved with dedication and hard work.
We believe that there are no princesses, but absolute queens of their own destiny.