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Estilo Vichy: del campo a la ciudad.

Vichy style: from the country to the city.

We design models that you would wear in your day to day. Enjoy the iconic French women print and have fun combining it.

When we talk about the vichy print, Brigitte Bardot movies come to mind moving around in those pastel plaid dresses; it also reminds me of a harmonious French country setting in spring. Yes, I am especially referring to those checkered tablecloths and napkins that you have ever seen in meetings or in a restaurant. This print represents France, basically the long picnic days accompanied by wicker accessories, wine and fruits.

Our Lavender Brigitte and Green Lisa speak and shine on their own. You don't need anything more than these shoes to complement your outfit in neutral colors and be the center of attention. I particularly combine them with jeans and a white blouse. In some cases, I replace the traditional light blue jean for one in ecru and voila! 

They will talk about you when you use them, don't even hesitate. Recently when I was shopping at the supermarket they asked me… Excuse me, where are your shoes from? Are they from Peru? Well yes and with great pride I answered and they are a glove. Because it is difficult to think that beautiful shoes cannot be nationally produced. Here we have two main pillars: talent and hard-working people.

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