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''Siempre es tiempo de emprender'' por Tamara González Litman

''It is always time to undertake'' by Tamara González Litman

You never know what awaits you around the corner, every day you learn, celebrate and make mistakes, it's a life journey, for me, it's not a job, it's a way of life.

I got to know Manual de Moda, a platform for education and business analysis and fashion marketing, through social networks and took advice from Tamara González, its founder, to find out her opinion about Reggine, what aspects of my brand could be improved, product launches and especially the relationship with my community. I really do not regret it, because it was the best time invested in a person who sees your business as if it were his own. And I am not lying to you, I am following each suggestion to the letter. It is true that undertaking is a roller coaster, and I think that I am with the belt well placed to enjoy the beauty of this trip.

I share the interview I did with Tamara González Litman, founder of Manual de Moda. I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I do and it will leave you with that "bug" of continuing to learn more and more.


Hello Tamara, Tell us about your experience in the world of fashion?

I don't think I have words to describe it, I always say that I can't imagine myself working in any other industry. Really my trajectory and my career have been fantastic, full of emotions and challenges. I grew up in a family with textile businesses, all my life I have been immersed in fabrics, shows, clothing and business. When I finished school and without contacts, I went to live in France, I studied French and art history and from there I started my career in fashion design. From the first year I realized that design was not my thing, but at that time there were no other careers in fashion other than that (laughs). That's when I realized that I wanted to work and learn more, and I started working as a personal assistant to the director of Hermes in Lyon, I worked with him for almost two years. At the end of my sophomore year, the real fun started, I did my first 5 month internship in New York at KaufmanFranco, returned to France to graduate and was lucky enough to do my final internship at Givenchy in Paris. It went so well that I stayed 5 more years working there. After those years, I felt that I needed a change in my career, new adventures and they offered me to be the editor of FashionNetwork, a French fashion business magazine, in Colombia and the Andean region, I accepted and it has been an incredible experience. And 3 years ago, Manual de moda was born, which is my youngest project :) 


We always ask ourselves, is it time to start? When is the best time?

"If you're ready, you launched too late" is a business phrase. We are never ready, neither we nor our businesses, that's how life and industry work. It is always time to undertake, there are always windows to launch, it is a matter of organization.


What aspects should we consider when making the decision to undertake?

The first thing is to know that it is not a straight line. They educate us in colleges and universities for the life of employees and they sell us a linear dream, "you are always promoted, the more you study, and the better you work, the better you will do", and in the corporate world, that's the way it is. It is fascinating to see how the efforts really pay off and the road, although it may have some curves, is mostly straight and growing. In the venture NO. You can do everything right and it can go wrong, you never know what awaits you around the corner, every day you learn, celebrate and make mistakes, it's a life journey, for me, it's not a job, It is a way of life.


Undertaking comes hand in hand a bit because of the feeling of loneliness. Tell us a little about your experience with Manual de Moda and how you came to become an expert in your field.

It is true, we always associate the entrepreneur with loneliness, but also successful people, there is a phrase that says "it is lonely at the top of the mountain", alluding to the fact that not many manage to get there. I think it is a matter of personality, and understanding, I am 100% that knowledge is the key to everything. If you are on a street and the traffic does not advance and nobody says anything, you get very desperate. If you are in the same situation, but they tell you that there is a stranded car blocking the passage and that help will arrive soon, you process it better. It is the same with entrepreneurship and loneliness. If you know beforehand that in order to move your business forward you are going to have to invest a lot of your time in the first few years, that it will be hard but that you are going to be very happy and that you will be able to have control of your life, I think it will be They process moments of solitude better. Also, thanks to social networks we have the opportunity to belong to communities and groups of people who are in the same boat as us ;) At home my parents always encouraged entrepreneurship, we sold bracelets, brownies, bows, everything when we were little ones. At the age of 23 I made my first brand, it was sportswear, very successful to be honest, but I left it to go to work at Givenchy. Later, at 27, I made my second brand, it was men's shirts with personalization of initials, I did it with a partner and due to differences in management, I decided to sell him my share. At 28 and with the money I earned from the shirt business, I made a brand of cosmetics for men with my best friend, products for the care of the skin and beard based on whiskey and honey, we were doing excellent, and when It was time to grow up, I didn't want to stop being an artisan, he did, and he had the business contacts, so I also sold my share to him. Then came Fashion Manual.


Finally, if you were born again, would you be an entrepreneur? Any advice you can share with us?

Yes, a thousand times yes. As my dad says, if I were born again I would do everything exactly the same. I am in love with the industry, business, entrepreneurship and helping. I am fascinated by helping others to make their dreams come true and to correct those little details that they are missing to achieve their goals. Really with Fashion Manual I feel that I managed to merge all my passions and that makes me very happy.

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