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hecho a mano, handmade, calzado artesanal, hecho en peru

Made in Peru stamp

Know the value of craftsmanship. A job well done, patient and conscientious that results in unique products.

Our shoes are handcrafted, keeping latent not only the art of "Handmade", but also the manual processes from cutting to finishing the shoe.

We are known for focusing on design, which is original and versatile when combined with the day-to-day garments of our clients, but above all, that they are comfortable shoes made with top quality materials such as leather.

handmade, hecho a mano, calzado artesanal, hecho en peru handmade, hecho a mano, calzado artesanal, hecho en peru

The brand specializes in ballerinas; we are addicted to this type of footwear in all its forms. In our product portfolio we have from loafers, mules, sandals, Mary Janes, our most recent product, to espadrilles that follow the same design line of a classic ballerina.

By buying a Reggine you collaborate with the national economy and take home a unique product made with manual techniques as good master shoemakers continue to do to this day. Our artisans are everything, they make better and more durable shoes and, in addition, their work creates community.

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